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Earn attractive returns from a variety of alternative Lending products today!


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Earn returns monthly by lending in any of these sectors.



Lend in Agricultural opportunities from trusted partners.


Asset Backed

Lend in Asset Backed loans from reputable partners.


Employment Model

Lend to the employees of verified companies.


Buy Back Loans

Earn returns funding guaranteed loans.



Earn returns from funding vehicle purchase for commercial or personal use.


Agency Banking

Earn returns while improving financial inclusion.


Premium Financing

Lend to individuals borrowing for insurance.



Get quick and secure returns on electricity loans

Portfolio estimate

Estimate your returns between one to three years with any of our products. Earn repayments monthly and watch your Lending grow at the fastest rate on the market.

  • Lend as little as ₦5,000

  • Earn estimated returns between 24% - 39% a year

  • 1 - 6 Months Tenors

  • Note: All Lending go to the respective companies not FINT.

Total Returns.

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  • Monthly Returns
    ₦{{ monthlyValue }} /mo
  • Interest Rate
    {{ interestRate }}%
  • Lending Duration
    {{ duration }} Months

* These results are for indicative purposes only. This calculator provides an average interest rate for each sector.

* All interest rates are subject to with-holding tax.

Highest returns on the market

Now you can earn returns on alternative Lending that only banks could access. Get a chance to diversify your portfolio by financing Loans across different Lending sectors.

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Refer and earn

Earn up to 2% lifetime commission by referring Lenders.

Increase your sources of income as an individual, HNI or institution today

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Security, trust and great returns

Your security and trust are important to us. We're committed to protecting your account using the highest standards of security available.



We are partnered with Old Mutual Insurance to design the best insurance package tailored to the FINT borrowers' needs to add an extra layer of comfort for all parties. Old Mutual Insurance provides coverage in cases of death, job loss, permanent disability and critical illness.


Social Impact

Help millions of Nigerians have access to credit for their personal and business opportunity needs such as rent, medical expenses and home improvements amongst others.


Safe and Protected

Lend with peace of mind. We don't share your sensitive financial details with sellers as FINT is PCIDSS compliant with fraud management built in.


Great and Diverse Returns

Diversify your portfolio by lending your money across different loans for increased net positive returns.


Reliable Customer Care

Online or on the phone, we're here to help with any queries you may have.


Venture Backed and Trusted

FINT is backed by top Lending Banks and an Advisory Board of industry leaders. Our commitment to our Lenders is priority.

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