Fund mobile agents

Fund mobile agents, improve financial inclusion and earn returns.


Invest in Agency Banking.

Mobile agents provide financial services to the informal sectors by accepting deposits, making payments and assisting with funds transfer. They do this with PoS devices and are usually found in locations where there is little or no bank presence.

Payments made on POS devices are usually settled in the agent’s bank accounts after 1-3 days. To serve more customers, the mobile agents require funds before they can access the remittances to their bank account. Lenders on FINT can now fund this gap and earn returns.

What are the risks?

The most frequent question asked by lenders to this sector is “What happens if the agent does not pay?” By partnering with the Superagents and settlement banks who provide the PoS service and deposit services to the mobile agents we are able to get payments directly at the time of settlement.

Make impact

  • Increase the population of Nigerian adults with access to financial products and services.

  • Provide employment and income for mobile agents.

  • Support SMEs by facilitating transactions.

  • Help Nigeria meet the SDG goal of financial inclusion by 2030.


Diversify your portfolio

  • Diversify your investment portfolio by investing in alternative products.

  • Earn monthly returns between 1.2-1.6%.

  • Earn true returns above the prevalent rate of inflation.


Online investment platform

  • Invest from any internet enabled device.

  • Pick from a variety of agent requests.

  • Invest with a few clicks using your credit/debit card or from your bank account.

  • View your investment and reports 24/7 from your dashboard.


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