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Investment returns calculator

With various investment products such as Agriculture, Power, Asset Backed Loans, Personal Loans, Insurance & Real Estate, Lenders on FINT can earn up to 39% per annum on their investment.

This calculator provides an average interest rate for each sector.

Total Returns.

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  • Monthly Returns
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  • Interest Rate
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  • Investment Duration
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* These results are for indicative purposes only. This calculator provides an average interest rate for each sector.

Earn returns. make impact

Lenders on FINT are changing the lives of millions of Nigerians by providing them access to affordable loans for basic needs such as power, rent, insurance, medical bills, school fees as well as business opportunities.

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Earn returns monthly by lending in any of these sectors.



Invest in Agricultural opportunities from trusted partners.


Asset Backed

Invest in Asset Backed loans from reputable partners.


Employment Model

Lend to the employees of verified companies.


Buy Back Loans

Earn returns funding guaranteed loans.



Earn returns from funding vehicle purchase for commercial or personal use.


Agency Banking

Earn returns while improving financial inclusion.


Premium Financing

Lend to individuals borrowing for insurance.



Get quick and secure returns on electricity loans

Business to business products

FINT supports many businesses across different sectors of the economy by providing them and their customers access to affordable loans.

Get more funding for your investment product(s)

Raise more funds for your investment products by listing on the FINT Investment Marketplace.

  • Get access to 10,000+ Lenders looking for investment opportunities
  • Seamless onboarding and integration process
  • B2B Dashboard to provide the data you need
  • Focus on improving your core business while we handle financing
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Raise funds to lend to your customers

Online and traditional lenders can now raise capital to lend to their customers at the most competitive rates without any hassles.

  • Raise capital of up to ₦2 Billion at competitive rates
  • Expand your customer base by accessing more capital to lend
  • Seamless end-to-end fund raising process
  • Access to robust dashboard with relevant data and statistics
  • Seamless onboarding and integration process
  • Focus on serving your customers while FINT handles the fund raising
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Provide loans to your customers/employees

Provide more value to your customers and employees by offering them affordable loans

  • Provide additional value to your customers and employees by offering them affordable loans
  • Maintain your steady cash flow while providing loans
  • Earn lifetime referral fees on borrowers
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