Invest on verified employees, earn returns.

Lend to employees of verified companies borrowing for personal needs.


Why invest in Employment Model loans?

FINT has partnered with companies to provide affordable credit to their employees. These companies aim to improve the welfare of their employees with access to quick loans for their personal needs like rent, home improvement, utility, medical bills, school fees and others.

Employees can borrow a certain percentage of their salary to pay back principal and interest monthly. With a dedicated dashboard, the HR personnel makes the necessary repayment deductions and remits to FINT on behalf of the borrower.

What are the risks?

The risks associated with this investment class are non-repayment by borrower and loss of employment. These risks have been mitigated based on the direct partnership with the employer, the loan repayment is therefore deducted before the employee gets their salary.

For loss of job, employment loans are covered by Old Mutual Insurance against loss of job, loss of life and critical illness.

Make impact

  • Improve access to credit for more Nigerians.

  • Help Nigerians pay for personal needs like rent, school fees, medical expenses, car purchase and more.

  • Improve workplace productivity by financing loans from verified employees.


Diversify your portfolio

Employment loans offers you another option to diversify your investment in 3 ways.

  • Diversification from traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds

  • Diversification from other alternative investment products on the FINT Platform.

  • With varying loans durations, purposes and amounts you can diversify between the different companies on the Employment Model.


Earn more returns

Make your money earn returns in multiples of the amount offered by savings accounts. With minimal risk on your investment you can now rest assured your money is earning returns even while you sleep.

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