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Invest in Agritech loans today to empower local farmers while also earning attractive returns.


Invest in Agriculture today.

We have partnered with the best Agritech companies on a mission to empower farmers and contribute our quota to improving global food security. Our partner agribusinesses work with local farmers involved in crop and livestock production, these businesses provide farmers with inputs such as recommended best practices, improved seeds, quality breeding stock, farm tools and equipment, required machinery and capital to improve their yield.

What are the risks?

The typical risks investors in the agriculture sector are exposed to are loss or damage during the farm cycle and inability to sell the farm produce.

By partnering with reputable companies such as Leadway Assurance for losses and damages the agribusinesses have ensured that investors get their principal covered in the event of a loss during or after the farming cycle. The farms are insured to mitigate against any form of crop loss from fire, lightning, aircraft, windstorm damage, floods, outbreak of pests and diseases etc.

The risk of the product not being sold has also been greatly reduced as the agritech companies have existing partnerships with ready offtakers of the produce, some of these offtakers need the products as raw materials for their own production.

This partnership allows you to engage in world class farming without going through the stress involved.

There is no better time to invest in Agriculture than now.

Make impact

  • Over 18,000 farmers are empowered to produce more, earn more with the resources provided by lenders like you.

  • You help improve global food security.

  • With the increased yield, farmers are able to provide more for their families.

  • Increase the use of Nigeria‚Äôs arable land.


Diversify your portfolio

  • Earn between 2-3% monthly (E.g if you invest N100,000 for 9 months you get between N118,000 and N127,000 at the end of the cycle).

  • You can now truly diversify your portfolio by spreading your investments across various farm types within the agriculture sector or across agriculture and other sectors.

  • With different options to pick from, you can diversify your agric investment portfolio by lending to farmers producing Soybeans, Maize, Poultry, Sesame Seeds, Cashew Nuts, Sweet Potatoes, Rice amongst others.

  • You also have the option to pick your preferred loan tenure which range up to a year.


Online investment platform

  • Invest in Agriculture from any internet enabled device.

  • Pick from a variety of crop and livestock farms.

  • Lend with a few clicks using with your credit/debit card or from your bank account.

  • View your investment and reports 24/7 from your dashboard.


Insured investments

At the end of each farming cycle, lenders get their principal and return paid to the bank account registered on the FINT platform.

All agritech companies we are partnered with are insured for loss and damage by reputable insurance companies.


Your investment journey starts here!

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